Hi. We are Grenzlotsen, the team behind Customsdigital.

We are here to help you overcome boundaries

Our vision - revolutionize the customs world and make IT easy to understand for customs experts

Acting on our own initiative, with a passion for customs, and a fascination with digitization, we developed the Customsdigital project.
Perhaps you recognize the following situation, when you as a customs professional speak to an IT expert. Suddenly there are terms being used that might as well be another language. API, crawling, backbone, BinHex, IOT, just to mention a few. And then the thought: “It’s all Greek to me”.
In the same way, you regularly come across buzzwords, like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and “in future, everything will be automated”. You then go to the office and print out documents to type up the customs declaration, and realize that the dream is still far from reality.

Why Customsdigital?

“Thanks to a broad scope of application, what may sound complex at first is actually fascinating. As customs experts who are familiar with the UCC and regulations, Customsdigital aims to bring us a step closer to the issue of digitization, explaining it, and stimulating ideas for our own projects.”
To put it simply, we want to bring together two “nerds” who need each other. To this end, we look forward to many interesting suggestions, as well as people who are keen to support the project and share their knowledge.
If you want to know more about Grenzlotsen and the team behind it, feel free to get in touch.